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3 Exciting Office Technology Ideas Worth Talking About

Offices are rapidly changing, expanding and technology is improving at a similar rate. There are plenty of news pieces about new and exciting office technology news out there, but it tends to become difficult sorting through a multitude of sources to find technologies that serve both aesthetic and functional purpose. Here are 3 to definitely be on the lookout for:

1) Wireless chargers

It looks like the days of finding available outlets and/or tripping over a throng of cords on the floor may become a relic of the past. More and more office furniture is now being outfitted to include outlets for charging. However, in a step further it seems that now office furniture will integrate wireless charging systems into their pieces to increase functionality and practicality for employees. More information and further reading can be found here.

2) The rise of collaborative software

For many employees and management personnel alike, finding the perfect collaborative software remains a unfulfilled wish. Combining instant messaging, email and other collaborative features is definitely no easy feat. While software such as Yammer (by Microsoft) and Chatter (by Salesforce) remain titans of the space, more and more companies are stepping up the plate and creating software that helps employees reach maximum productivity and seamless collaboration. Facebook is currently developing a work version of their social networking site that is sure to take the professional world by storm when it launches. Further information can be found here.

3) Tablet whiteboards

Some office supplies remain ubiquitous to the professional world and whiteboards are one of the ultimate staples of the office. Some companies though are always looking for new ways to revamp office classics and provide a further level of depth to these necessary office items. A tablet whiteboard is definitely something that can be touted as the next big office technology. Whiteboard apps are now in the market that provide collaborative support either remotely or in-person. Users can easily draw and teleconference with other group members while using the app, making digital collaboration a new forefront in office technology. For more information and see more trends, please click here.

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