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3 New Office Interior Design Trends

Modern workplaces are evolving rapidly to adapt to the changing world. Three new trends are highlighting the modern evolution of workplace design.

Environmentally friendly or green building materials and products make workplaces safer and more aesthetically pleasing. One of the ways a company leadership can show both social responsibility and concern for employee health and happiness, a green office environment is one in which the entire workforce can be proud, and which reflects the modern concern over a healthy environment.  It is also an excellent tool for recruitment and employee engagement.

Flexibility, mobility, and remote working are job trends that are increasing yearly. The new office design reflects a workforce that doesn’t need dedicated personal space, but workstations that can be rapidly adapted to changing staff and needs. Meeting spaces can be both formal and informal, and can have secondary purposes. Flexible work areas allow for both standing and sitting work, as more staff move toward healthier office practices.

Work areas can be dedicated for quiet work, with flooring, ceiling options, and layout that allows quiet spaces for concentrated work. Other areas can be designed for collaboration and brainstorming, with creative options such as whiteboard or blackboard walls, cork areas for pinning ideas, audio and video equipment, and other creative tools.

Interaction with nature is becoming understood as critical for emotional and physical health. The modern office interior design will allow many active and passive options to experience nature in daily life. Some commonly used workplace designs allow a few outdoor picnic tables on a concrete pad and a walking path around the parking lot. But design can do so much more. The modern design incorporates nature in every aspect of planning. Natural light from windows with either a view of green spaces, or vertical hanging gardens, are expected. The design plan will include layout for maximum light with minimum glare. Interior gardens with water elements can provide lush natural spaces in break areas, cafeterias, and other public spaces. An indoor break area or cafeteria that brings the light, green, and charm of an outdoor garden, while still providing comfortable protection from the elements, will be an extremely popular space.