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3 Things to Consider Before Meeting with Your Interior Designer

All businesses are unique and each operator too. If you’re seeking an interior designer, maybe you know exactly how you want everything, or maybe you just have an idea, like open spaces. Whatever you’re thinking, your designer needs to be on the same page. Whether you’re dealing with a new business or remodeling one you’ve had for years, there are a few things you should think about before meeting with your interior designer:

Know the Span of the Project

You should at least know what your budget is for the project and the scope of what you want done. Whether you’re looking to just add a little flair to the dining room in your restaurant or you want a whole new look for your entire office, you need an idea of the project’s magnitude and you need to pass that along to your designer. You also need to draw up your budget, so your designer does not reach beyond your realm of financial possibility.

Know what you do not want

If you only have a minute idea of what you want, consider what you know you do not want. If you want to brighten your retail store but you’re not interested in certain lighting methods, share that with your designer. This will keep he or she from wasting too much time on a fruitless endeavor (in this case, that certain lighting) when drafting a design plan for your business.

Know how married you are to your ideas

If you have a set idea of what you hope to achieve through working with your interior designer, figure out which concepts are most important to you. It will probably be near impossible to get everything you want down to the last detail, but your designer may likely come up with something even more spectacular. I mean, creativity is their specialty! If your designer knows which aspects are most important to you, they can build on that and create you the masterpiece you may have never known you wanted!

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