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3 Tips for Better Workplace Health

When it comes to office efficiency, workplace health is among the most important aspects. Here are some of the newer office health trends that have shown promise to companies of all sizes.

Allow for Productivity Breaks.

The most productive companies in the world, including Google and Facebook, allow for a short stretch break every 20 minutes. Every hour, the department head invites employees into the office to share ideas. This provides an incentive for employees to think of new ideas – they only get this break if they actually have one.

Bring Essentials In-House

The less that your employees have to leave the company premises to gather the staples of life, the more productive they become. Have lunch delivered if there is not already a corporate lunch room in the building. Give employees opportunities to exercise with small weights, jump ropes and stretch bands. Have a full bathroom available for employees who work overtime.


Change the Feng Shui.

Starbucks is well-known for changing the layout of its seating almost every day to keep customers enthusiastic about returning. Some boutique grocery stores and retail outlets do the same thing in order to encourage more exploration. Although you do not want your employees in the dark about important documentation, a little change around the office encourages different thinking patterns and raises productivity.

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