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A Winning Culture

Today, organizations in all arenas seek to establish winning cultures. In the past, many corporations overlooked this crucial aspect of business to their peril. Now, sports teams strive to build inviting cultures, and the military stresses cultural importance in all its undertakings. In the simplest terms, a business is its culture.

Think of culture as the feelings a person experiences upon entering an establishment. When an individual visits the Venetian in Las Vegas for the first time, she finds herself enthralled. When people step inside the headquarters of an automobile dealership, a feeling of ease and comfort sweeps over them. As people share these experiences with others, they add immeasurably to the company’s culture.

To enjoy great success, a business must establish a winning culture. Once an organization builds a culture that wins, people will return for business on a consistent basis. Everybody loves a winner. The adage holds true both in business and in baseball.

When a customer or client enters your buildings, what does he feel? Does the atmosphere relax him? Do the colors captivate her? Do the architecture and art inspire her? Does he feel at home? Does her body language indicate that your culture has hit the home run?

A triumphant culture elevates a business and makes use of many avenues to win over new clients. When a person drives through a neighborhood, she instantly develops a cultural impression. When an individual visits a city for the first time, he finds himself attracted to or repelled by its culture. Businesses that boast winning cultures keep customers coming back again and again and again.

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