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Amber Jones Tapped To Lead Education Team

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We are excited to announce that our very own Amber Jones has been tapped to lead our highly successful Education Team at Tangram Interiors.

Amber brings with her several years of commercial furniture experience both at Tangram Interiors as well BKM Ventura to the North. She is true believer in the importance of providing our future generations the best opportunity to learn and grow and knows that furniture, environments and the power of place play a huge role in those foundations.

To learn a bit more about Amber, read below!

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Tell Us a Little Bit About Yourself? (Family, Work, Interests)

I’m a working mother of 2, to a 4 year old son and 3 year old daughter that keep me very busy! My husband and I have been married for almost 6 years and together we enjoy relaxing, because honestly, I don’t get to do much of that. We all like taking weekend vacations to nearby cities to explore and learn new things and we love to spend time with family and friends.

Tell Us About Your New Position?

As the Director of Education Solutions I will be leading up the education sales team to help us grow our market share in the area and open up new relationships with schools we haven’t spent much time with. I will also  Participate in all “Community of Practice” associations with other dealerships to further our knowledge of how and what other dealerships are doing in the way of education.

What Are You Most Excited About Being Able to Accomplish?

The education team is very seasoned, they are all very capable of doing this job and have been for a long time. What I’m hoping is that we will learn to work as more of a group as opposed to independent silos. We can greatly benefit to pulling our work together and building tools for us to pull from which would require less rebuilding the wheel each time we approach a project.

What Do You See As Largest Trend in Higher Education Environments Today?

Flipped classrooms. Setting up classrooms for students to work together in groups and basically, do their homework in class, while they listen to lectures at home. If you think about it, it makes sense to need your teacher and fellow students while trying to do homework, lecturing is a much more independent action that can be done anywhere. This encourages collaboration and strengthens the students grasp of the content they are learning.

Alright enough with serious ones.

Why Is a Tennis Ball Fuzzy?

So that my dog can scrape it off with her teeth and give me something else to pick up daily! (or just to annoy me)

Can You Teach Someone To Make an origami ‘Cootie Catcher’ Using Just Words?

Negative. That sounds very frustrating. I can’t speak a sentence without using my hands!

Crayola Just Announced Your The Newest Color in the Box. What color are you?

Gray. I go with everything.

What is Your Biggest Pet Peeve?

When you are sitting in a meeting and someone is incessantly clicking their pen. STOP! STOP RIGHT NOW!

And Finally… 

If We Got in Your Car and Turned on the Tunes, What Am I Listening To?

A solid mix of kids tunes, alternative and rap.