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Audio Visual Planning is Key Early in the Design Process

There is nothing worse than attending a meeting in a room where audio and visual needs were an afterthought. It is hard to give a polished, professional presentation to clients when IT guys are carting in portable screens and draping cords around the room as they try to get everything “set up.”

Workspaces should work for you. You shouldn’t always have to be adding to your work space to make-do. Before you begin your next office re-design, make sure audio-visual planning is a key component to the design of your office spaces. Your conference room should be built around your top of the line audio and visual components, not forced to accommodate them after the fact. A quality design firm will discuss your audio-visual needs throughout your office before drawing up any plans.

Your office should allow you to use technology seamlessly with hidden cords and built-in presentation spaces. Anyone in your office should be able to connect laptops, tablets and other devices without the help of your IT department. Your clients and employees will key in on the ease with which you use technology in your office, and believe it or not the set up of your room will speak volumes about how forward-thinking your company is when it comes to new technology.

Making the best impression possible starts at the beginning of the design process, with a creative interior design that enhances your brand, shows off your company culture and utilizes audio and visual technology to its full potential. For more information on creating amazing work spaces, please contact us.