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AV Integration – Getting It Right

Many companies take advantage of the latest and greatest when it comes to technology in their offices and conference rooms. They set up special speaker and microphone systems, multiple projectors, and anything else they can think of to help keep the audience engaged in whatever they have to talk about. And then, as they are beginning their big presentation to the head of marketing, the whole thing fails. The projectors blink off, the speakers and microphones are filled with feedback, and the first five minutes of the presentation are wasted trying to get it right before they either give up or someone hits the right switch.

AV integration is an integral part of any conference room or auditorium setup, and it needs to be taken seriously, especially with all of the new technologies that are available to improve the overall experience for the audience. But AV integration should not just be left up to anyone. It really needs to be handled by the professionals at Tangram.

With a broad range of expertise, Tangram employees know what is needed to do everything from the simplest AV integration for a conference room, to more complicated setups across a building or around the world. By combining technology with function, Tangram can create solutions for any size business, meeting their AV needs in a way that avoids the hassles caused by improperly designed and implemented systems.

If you would like to contact us for additional information about how Tangram can help meet your AV integration needs, please let us know.