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2 Powerful Things to Remember When Creating Office Culture

Culture is something that should never be overlooked in a society or in a company’s workplace. When you have the optimum office culture for your company, you will see greater results in team mo

3 Benefits of Custom Furniture For The Office

Whether you are a company with a workplace setting that needs a sense of culture infused in the interior design or a designer looking for new ways to promote your services, everyone should be aware of

3 Business-Building Branding Tips

If you are like most people, you have a vision for building your business. With this goal in mind, you have plenty of ideas for expansion and improvement. You have learned the hard way, however, that

3 Exciting Office Technology Ideas Worth Talking About

Offices are rapidly changing, expanding and technology is improving at a similar rate. There are plenty of news pieces about new and exciting office technology news out there, but it tends to becom

3 Fresh Way to Improve Office Culture

When a company’s office culture is optimized to its highest level, chances are productivity will be optimized as well. The key to this is to never stop optimizing and always researching and tr

3 Interior Design Ideas

Employers realize that employee happiness equals greater productivity. Contrariwise, if employees are dissatisfied with the work environment, then they will not perform at optimum levels. Several fact

3 Key Features of the Startup Office

What defines a startup office? Aside from the defining characteristic of hosting an up-and-coming business, these dynamic office environments tend to have a few basic features in common that set them

3 New Office Interior Design Trends

Modern workplaces are evolving rapidly to adapt to the changing world. Three new trends are highlighting the modern evolution of workplace design. Environmentally friendly or green building materials

3 Simple Ways to Maximize the Workplace Environment

The workplace should represent not only the place where we do our job, but where we are continually learning new things, growing as an individual, and developing business and social contacts. Many com

Restoration Office

How Biophilia Reduces Stress and Promotes Renewal at Work   Today, more than half of the world’s population lives in urban areas, and according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the average American spends nearly 90 percent of their time inside. Yet nature and the outdoors have...

Tangram Ten // Anne Dudzik

Please join us in welcoming Anne Dudzik to the Tangram Team! Anne has joined Studio as the newest Customer Service Representative.  She is originally from “The Valley” and has a degree in Interior Design from Brooks College. Her professional background includes 15 years of customer...

How the brain experiences brands

Humans employ fifty percent of their brain activity in visual processing. According to a Nielsen Study  60% of consumer in the world prefer to buy products from a familiar brand, and unknown brands activate parts of the brain associated with negative emotions.   When an individual sees a logo,...

Tangram Ten // Karlee Budge

Please join us in welcoming Karlee Budge to the Tangram Team! Karlee has joined us as the newest Inside Sales Representative. She’s an Orange County native and just obtained her Bachelors Degree in Communications from Sonoma State University in May. While pursuing her degree, she...

Millennial Workplace Trends

According to Forbes, millennials are very clear in their workplace preferences. Since work procedures are changing, it's no wonder that offices and workplaces will also take on new forms, designs, and even decor. After many studies and much research, we know some of the things that make this generation...

Tangram Ten // Holly Ellsworth

Please join us in welcoming Holly Ellsworth to the Tangram Team! Holly will be the newest Project Manager in the Central Valley. Holly is a California native and comes to us with many years of marketing, sales and project management experience including the last 15...

The Creative Shift

The Creative Shift How Place + Technology + People Can Help Solve 21st Century Problems     “Ideas are the currency of the new economy.” That quote came from Richard Florida, an economist and social scientist who authored The Rise of the Creative Class… over fifteen years ago in 2002. Florida...