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College Campuses Get a Make-Over in Design

Architectural designs in commercial areas have taken on a whole new look in the last several years. As millennials surge in the workforce and Generation Z’s enter college, workspaces and colleges are seeing design changes. One such place that is getting a new make-over is that of college campuses. Let’s take a look at some of the changes.

Fusing of common and academic areas with housing

Colleges are recognizing that students require space to study right where they live. The concept was termed “live and learn,” and it seeks to incorporate both housing areas with study areas. The Southern Methodist University, for example, designed modern-looking cubicles that serve as study areas, complete with a white board and comfortable bench, right outside the students’ bedroom. Another housing facility is able to quickly convert “flex space to classroom space.” These changes facilitate learning with living more conveniently.

Housing amenities

College campuses are beginning to look more like luxury, high-end apartments with the added amenities. Some schools are featuring swimming pools, large fitness facilities, “golf simulators, rock-climbing walls, bike repair stations, and concierge desks.” Other amenities include on-site restaurants, shuttle service, media centers, and grills. Not only are the amenities attracting students, they are solidifying the universities’ brand.


Students expect to have the highest speed internet available when at school. Schools that deliver this and more in the area of technology will be accepted by the generation that is accustomed to internet and screens. Digital signage throughout the university, common areas, and housing facilities offers students real-time updates to activities and events, as well as providing a map for newcomers.

The architectural design of college campuses are pointing toward the future with a whole new look. The idea is for students to “live and learn” at the same time. Through these features, branding takes place, At Tangram Interiors, we have worked with many companies to reinforce brand image and expand awareness. If you would like to discuss this topic further, please contact us today!