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Custom Furniture Ideas: Size and Color

Most people don’t bother much with custom furniture. If they see something in a store and they like it, they just buy it. But something that looks good in the store may not necessarily look good in your workplace. In general, stores have a lot more space to display their wares whereas your office might be smaller. On occasion, you can also have the opposite problem.

This is where custom furniture comes in. It’s not that you have to design your furniture from scratch (although that would be possible too). But you can at least make a few changes to it so that it looks right for your office.

Customizing Size

You might see a bookcase that you love. The style of it and the color might appeal to you. But it might be a bit too big for your offices. It might be too tall or it might be too wide. You can always speak to your interior designer and get it made in a size that suits you. The same goes for filing cabinets, cubicles, desks, couches, coffee tables etc.

Let’s say that you really love the feel and look of a certain couch and coffee table. You think it would look perfect in your waiting area and make a great impression on guests. But it might be too big for your waiting area, in which case you can get it made to a smaller size. A three-seater couch can always be made in the form of a two-seater (or love seat) and a coffee table can be cut down to size.

Plus, you can repurpose things too, when you’re setting up custom furniture. For example, if you like the style of a coffee table but you don’t actually need a coffee table, you can have it resized and use it as a corner table instead.

Customizing Color

In addition to changing the size, you can also customize furniture in other ways. For example, it’s easy enough to change the upholstery on furniture. If you love the look of a certain couch but you don’t like the material in which it’s been upholstered, you can speak to your interior designer to change that.

Plus, you can do the same with furniture polish. Sometimes, you might see a certain piece in a dark polish. And you might like everything about it except the color. If you like, you can get it redone in a lighter polish. Or you can also have it painted over in a color you like. In general, it’s nice to be able to see the grain of the wood. So polish is preferable to paint. But if the design of your office is in bright colors and you want your furniture to match, you can have it painted in bright colors too.

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