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Decorating Your Offices in Accordance with Your Demographic and Your Brand

You may not realize it even if you already have a brand.  A brand is nothing but the image of a product or company in the mind of the consumer.  What exactly do they associate you with?  When they think of your product, what comes to mind?  Do they think of quality, low prices, good customer service or aesthetic appeal?  Many small businesses start working on their branding efforts before they start expanding.  This helps you to maintain a certain degree of control over how your consumers view you.  The way in which you do up your office interiors can also affect your brand.  Here are a few tips to make sure that the image you project is the one that you want to project:

  • Think about it. This may seem too simple to consider but a lot of people don’t actually sit down to think about what type of image they want to project.  What kind of brand do they want?  You can get your marketing team to come up with a brand for you but it’s also a good idea to think about it yourself.  After all, this is your company and your product.  These are your office interiors.  If you want to project a solid, comfortable image, you can go with plush, comfortable furniture and carpeting in neutral but crisp colors.  If you want to project a hip, youthful image, you can go with a light-filled, modern-looking interior with sculptural detailing.
  • What’s your demographic?  You probably already know a lot about your demographic.  Is there a certain age group which tends to buy your product?  Do you appeal to people who are trying to save the environment?  Do you appeal to people who are into health and fitness?  Do you appeal to people interested in art and design?  You can mold your interiors to suit your demographic.  For example, if your product is designed for people interested in saving the environment, you’ll want to get environmentally friendly furniture, use eco-friendly paint and avoid leather coverings.
  • Doing it in advance. It’s not possible to control your company image completely.  Sometimes, it might develop in a direction you hadn’t anticipated.  For example, if your product starts appealing to a new demographic, you might have to change your branding efforts accordingly.  But it’s still a good idea to start branding in advance, before customers start thinking of you in a certain way.  So make sure that you do up your interiors as soon as you move into your office, especially if you’re going to be seeing clients there.  This will implant a subliminal message in their unconscious minds.  If they are surrounded by a luxurious but understated atmosphere in your offices, that is the image they will carry around of you.


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