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Design for Effective Early Childhood Learning – Stimulate, But Don’t Overwhelm

Designing an effective and stimulating educational environment for children means understanding how little ones learn. Infants and toddlers learn about their space by touching and moving the objects and materials that surround them everyday. As the toddler feels the texture and dynamics of the objects he or she is interacting with, he learns about the object and how that object reacts to the materials that it meets. Education Trends show that flooring is a huge part of this interaction. Choosing the right flooring to stimulate young minds is paramount when selecting a new design in your educational environment.

Design the learning center with supporting these developing abilities in mind. We can uniquely design areas of the classroom used for central activities. This encourages language interactions, social play and constructs experiences that help push the barriers of children’s understanding. Changes and variations of visual experiences can help children under eight develop their visual acuity. Young children need to have interesting visual stimulation, less cluttered than our parents experienced, in order to examine and understand the important elements in their environment. Too much visual stimulation detracts from understanding.

Using specialized design elements for flooring offered by Tangram Interiors, we can shape your educational environment in a way that is stimulating but not overwhelming. An effectively designed classroom has the potential to positively influence all areas of a child’s development. By nurturing the developing cognitive and physical functions throughout the classroom environment with our design elements, we can positively support the planned teaching activities, and give students a strong advantage.

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