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Education Trends and What We’re Doing to Enhance Student Success

As any educator will tell you, the rows of student desks and chairs many of us grew up with, do not create the most engaging classroom. In a world filled with technology and social media, students crave physical interaction more than ever. Tangram understands this need, and is committed to helping schools create collaborative, stimulating work spaces, to promote and facilitate teacher and student communication.

The key to a successful, engaging learning experience, is versatility. Depending on the type of activity in which students are involved, the classroom needs to conform to enhance success.With modern, mobile furniture, Tangram just as easily promotes small or large group interaction, as it does individual, silent study. Teachers are no longer isolated to the “front” of the classroom, as mobile white boards, content displays, and seating, allow the instructor to float about the room and move naturally among students. In doing so, no student is in the “back” of the room; every student has the best seat in the house. Additionally, with white boards and displays placed strategically throughout the room, students are encouraged to move from place to place, networking with their peers and teacher as they discuss material and focus on problem solving.

While student seating is flexible and easily rearranged, many classrooms also choose a wall-facing workspace featuring high stools and plenty of space between students to encourage quiet study for students engaged in work requiring a higher level of focus. While their peers continue to work in groups and interact with the instructor, students using the wall-facing space are removed from distractions.

To learn more about what Tangram can do for your educational institution, contact us and share your vision. Together, we can exceed your goals and expectations.