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Employee Engagement; Battling the Digital Distractions

Employee engagement is essential for any successful team. Distractions like social media and countless digital contraptions and communities are part of the workplace. Once upon a time, work was everything. But the world is constantly changing and successful leaders have to change with it.

1. Make Rules & Enforce Them. Of course this sounds rudimentary and even like a page out of high school, but honestly, no phones or personal internet use does kind of wipe this problem off the board. Of course in so many industries these days, phones and social media are important tools. Also, who wants to micro-manage? So, this is the first idea on the list, but maybe a last resort. If a rule like this is necessary, perhaps one or two of your team members aren’t a good fit.

2. Find People Who Love Their Work. No, don’t try to make your team fall in love with their jobs, only hire people who do. These people don’t apply for jobs they aren’t going to dive into. Work ethic knows no boundaries, from fast food to the corporate jungle. People who love their jobs, love doing them well. You won’t have to waste time trying to keep them focused on their work. They would never let a phone or an adorable kitten video get in the way.

3. Keep Them Busy. If you have time to tweet, you have time to meet. Feel free to make your own rhymes, but the message remains. Employees with responsibilities, structure and accountability, are less likely to jeopardize their reputation playing around online. Those who are given time to play, will.

4. Place Your Trust In Highly Effective People. You want them focused on work, instead of phones right? Highly intelligent multi-tasking people are capable of being on their phones and still focused on work. Their work is always done and stellar. They can listen to you and type an email and answer questions, all while looking at their phone. They simply possess higher functioning minds and have room for more than the average bear. Not easy to find, but worth it.

5. Just Ask Nicely. A little consideration can go along way and sometimes, often times, colleagues in turn appreciate your trusting them with your feelings and especially your faith in their making a good decision without any threats or hall monitoring. Just explain that this workplace is your baby, that their paychecks are holding your blood, sweat and tears, that seeing them off task makes you crazy. What a great way to discover the heart of your people.

6. Incentives. Like anything in life, we love being rewarded for doing the right thing, we sit in the front row, we bring the teacher a shiny apple. Fill your roster with team members that are eager to please and surprise them randomly with perks for staying on task. When everyone does well, throw a party or close up early.

7. Make Examples. Hard core and sometimes necessary.

Once upon a time, work was everything. You’re the boss. Write your own fairy tale. Contact us for anything and everything on making your business better.