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Having Tangram Flooring onboard takes the guesswork and the stress off our clients’ shoulders.

Tangram provides a wealth of consultation services for any flooring project, from an individual assessment to ongoing facility collaborations, to ensure that the flooring that comes in your door responds to your needs. Working as your agent, we negotiate with manufacturers to get our clients the products that best meet their needs and price points. Having Tangram onboard takes the guesswork and the stress off our clients’ shoulders – from the ordering to the delivery to the completed installation of floor coverings and flooring systems.

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Carpet, Resilient, Wood


How you choose flooring and the quality of the product you ultimately install involves more than just choosing the color, fabric and the price. Whether you need flooring to sustain high-impact and long-term durability or it’s style and fashion that a company is after, Tangram can provide the expertise and the negotiating arm to get the best flooring at highly-competitive rates.



Ceramic and porcelain tile surfaces can help accent your home with vivid colors and extraordinary designs. On a limited budget, ceramic tiles can transform a room into an extraordinary space.

Concrete, Slab, Moisture Mitigation

Stone Work

Manual, Motorized, Solar shades

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Painting, Electrical, Millwork, Ceiling Tiles

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3D Walls, Countertops, Wallcoverings


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We are redefining what the floor can offer to interior environments

The flooring in a workspace or office can impact the productivity and health of your staff in a positive or a negative manner. The older the carpeting, the more chance of allergens in the microfibers which can impact employees health in a negative way. Similarly, hard surfaces without cushioning can lead to lower energy or stress on the joints. The elements that create a positive work experience can be found in the range of products Tangram represents from the best brands in the industry.


Our portfolio of beautifully chosen products is virtually limitless, to ensure that you have choices that meet the need for every commercial project. From our portfolio of classic flooring, to new natural and abstract visuals that are pushing what hard and soft surface can bring to a space – we are redefining what the floor can offer to interior environments.

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