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Get ready for Steelcase at NeoCon 2015!

Experience the Steelcase Family of Brands at NeoCon

We believe in the power of place – whether that place is about business, education or health. That’s because great places can enrich the lives of people and unlock human promise.

The best places do this by designing for the physical, emotional and cognitive wellbeing of people across an ecosystem of spaces – spaces that support a variety of postures, privacy needs and mixed-presence experiences. This delivers not only what people need, but what people want – personal choice and control over where and how they work.

Visit the Steelcase family of brands at NeoCon 2015 to experience our insights, applications and solutions designed for interaction and collaboration, focus and rejuvenation – for both individuals and teams.

Steelcase: Suite 300
Steelcase Health + Steelcase Education: Suite 3-100
Coalesse: Suite 1032
Designtex: Suite 1032A

Start: June 15
End: June 17
Venue: Steelcase WorkLife Center, Chicago