For some time, students have had the option of taking classes online. Recently, there has been a misconception from prospective students about the time commitment online learning involves. Many students will add an online class to their schedule assuming that since they are not physically attending class, it will fit well in their schedule. They think that there is a minimal time commitment. This is not true. An online class requires just as much effort and time as any other type class. The difference lies in the fact that a student has to be very disciplined and able to manage time well to succeed in an online class.  Consider that instead of listening to class discussions, the student is now reading several paragraphs per each student enrolled in the class and formulating personal responses.

One suggestion for online learners is to designate a certain period of time biweekly to sit down at your local learning institution and work on class assignments. By devoting that specific time to completing assignments, reading and studying online material, the student establishes a good workable pace. If a student finds a great study space and makes a habit out of going to that space thinking of it like attending class, then the work should flow well and procrastination should not occur.

If the student needs a tutor, then the student may use collaborative learning space to meet with a tutor. The student can make use of the innovative technology and view online course material either alone or with a group.

There are more online classes being offered and online learning has grown significantly in the past few years. Students have more choices now with the option of in class meetings, hybrid classes (which are mostly online and only meet in person a few times over the semester) and fully online classes which all work is done and submitted online. Contact us today for more information about trends in education. For more information please contact us.