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How to Properly Select Commercial Carpet: Issues that at First May not Come to Mind

The selection process of commercial carpeting is more complicated than what it first may appear:  A carpet, right for a business enterprise is of the best quality.  The color hue should be natural; or in other words, not too outlandish.  The individuals visiting the reception area, of the business, should be reasonably impressed with the appearance of the carpeting.

The purchaser of commercial carpeting is faced with five significant considerations.  The list that follows provides these important  considerations:

  • Is the carpeting appropriate for the space?
  • Is the carpeting appropriate for continual foot traffic?
  • Does the carpeting provide ease of maintenance?
  • Is the cost of the carpeting reasonable?
  • Is the carpeting pleasing to the eye?

The above list provides the primary considerations when purchasing commercial carpeting.  There are other concerns, the purchaser will wish to think about such as:  How quickly he or she can attain the carpeting? Another question is:  Is a business closure necessary in order to get the commercial carpet installed?  Third:  Is the installation performed in steps or stages?   As it applies to question three, sometimes the impact of installation is not as great; if the installation takes part in stages.  In example, the business may wish to install the carpeting at nighttime in a certain area; or within particular designated areas during the workday. The preceding concerns can become technical–that is for certain.  However, everything is sure to run smooth; when the purchaser properly coordinates his or her efforts with the carpeting supplier and installer.

The carpeting of today rarely, if ever, catches fire: One fact is:  nowadays a purchaser of commercial grade carpeting need not worry too much about his or her rug catching fire.  The general way, in which carpeting may enhance a fire, is if a fire was already in full force from another area of the building.

There are two fire ratings that the purchaser will wish to apprise him or herself.  The first rating is the NBS Smoke test.  Smoke is frequently the deadliest portion of a full-scale fire.  It is important, then, that any business have materials housed inside the business environment that reduce smoke levels should a fire break out. Commercial grade carpets must have an NBS smoke chamber test of four hundred fifty or less.  Any carpeting not meeting the preceding standard is not allowed manufacture within the U.S.  The smoke chamber rating is applicable to not only commercial grade applications of carpet:  it is also applicable to residential applications.  Carpets placed for sale must, in other words, pass the preceding test.

The second fire rating is referred to as the ASTM E 648 radiant panel test.  As it applies to the preceding test, the resulting classification is either Classification 1 or Classification 2.  Generally, the Class I type of carpeting is considered appropriate for entrance areas, corridors and exit routes within Health Care Institutions.  The Class 1 category is also appropriate for new buildings or in other words new construction.  The preceding category is  also appropriate for prisons and areas of detention.

The Class II commercial carpeting application is appropriate for every enterprise and institution, outside of what is mentioned within the content above.  The Class II carpet is applicable within areas of exit, entryways; corridors of hotels; inside commercial retail spaces; within day care venues; educational institutions; and apartments.  Relative to the preceding information, local construction codes may trump the requirements just mentioned.

It is an excellent idea to have an expert assist in selecting purchase of a carpet where specific requirements are involved:  Following is a list of possible concerns.

  • Areas that are damp;
  • Spaces that are possibly exposed to various types of chemicals such as chlorine run-off from a bathing suit;
  • Areas where there is a tremendous amount of foot traffic;
  • Spaces where light vehicles move about; and
  • Spaces subject to climatic changes.

There are many concerns when it comes to commercial carpet; however, finding attractive carpeting in an area can greatly enhance the aesthetic appeal of the business atmosphere. Other considerations include:   carpet density and the carpet’s ability to resist wear and tear, among other concerns.

Our creative experts are available to partner with other creative professionals such as architects and designers as well as expert tradesmen such as general contractors.  Working with our team, the architect, designer or contractor is able to meet all of his or her clients’ standards of excellence; and at the same time, provide a product that meets the objectives of the corporation with respect to its culture and brand.

It is this creative partnering that is considered second-to-none within the design and building industry.  The architect, design team, or contractor is encouraged to contact us, in order to assess how we can expertly be of service with regard to his or her project.

It is a certainty, that a proper Commercial Carpet application can intensify the overall appearance and impression of the corporate environment.