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Incorporate Cutting-Edge Technology in Your Industrial Design

From the office to the classroom to the healthcare setting, technology surrounds us. But when your project needs to feature an industrial edge, it isn’t always easy to incorporate sophisticated technology in a practical yet attractive way. Introduce the latest in technology to the industrial workplace that you are designing with these three simple tips.


Focus on Efficiency

Efficiency is at the heart of industrial design, so it makes sense to focus on the most efficient applications of every type of technology you plan on using. Multi-purpose devices and integrated systems are key to efficient design, but utilizing space efficiency is important as well.


Maintain Workplace Culture

At Tangram Interiors, we know that the culture of the space you are designing encompasses every aspect of your project. You can maintain the cultural vibe of your industrial space with carefully chosen technology that encourages focus, productivity, and a collaborative effort.


Keep a Minimalist Spirit

Less is more when it comes to industrial-minded design. And although many forms of technology can be a business’ best friend, overdoing it often becomes counter-productive as employees or students become distracted by the overwhelming number of possibilities around them. Use just what you need to accomplish the goals of the space you are designing, and no more.


With more than five decades of experience in commercial interior design, Tangram Interiors will collaborate with you to create a fully integrated solution for all your creative design needs. Contact us today to see how a relationship with Tangram Interiors can add new dimension to your industrial design project.