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Industrial Inspiration for Office Spaces

From commercial homes and lofts to restaurants and office spaces, industrial design has taken precedent as one of the most sought-after looks to have. Taking the concept of industrial design – practicality and affordability – into your office space puts utility and functionality ahead of everything else.

A cluttered desk doesn’t always mean a productive mind. Step away from the typical messy office space and welcome in the organic, modern minimalism that industrial design offers. While minimal spaces may seem hard to maintain, industrial style features various textural elements that are warm and elegant.

The word “industrial” evokes images of exposed brick walls and pipes. The incorporation of bright metallic surfaces and concrete surfaces can be softened with comfortable seating and plush accessories. Visual clutter from too many colors and patterns is just as enclosing as actual papers and furniture in the room. Keep in mind that industrial design is minimal, so sticking to contrasting textures as opposed to a wide range of color will avoid being counter-productive. When you’ve chosen your main pieces, ensuring that the surrounding space is neutral will create a balance in the room.

The majority of your office space will be taken up by tables, chairs, and storage units. Due to this, these pieces will define the atmosphere of your office. While rustic furnishings are visually pleasing, consider how much time you will spend using it before adding it to a space. Comfort is important, but so is durability. Choosing a modern office chair to go with wooden tables and metallic shelves is a good compromise. Lighting is another key aspect of industrial design. Pendant lighting and strung light bulbs are most popular. Lamps without shades and other fixtures that expose bulbs are other options to consider.

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