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3 Interior Design Ideas

Employers realize that employee happiness equals greater productivity. Contrariwise, if employees are dissatisfied with the work environment, then they will not perform at optimum levels. Several factors play into employee satisfaction from working conditions to opportunities for advancement. However, one factor that is often overlooked is the impact of interior design. Let’s look at 3 simple interior design techniques any employer can implement.


Psychology of color

We have all heard about how colors affect people’s moods, feelings, or perceptions. Some argue that there is no science behind it, yet other studies  show a correlation between color and emotion. This article explains that blue effects the mind, red the body, yellow the emotions, and green impacts the balance between the mind, body, and emotions. Blue is considered the best color for productivity in the office, but adding a touch of orange or other “emotion” colors will aid in jobs that require creativity.



Creating an interior design that blends together office furniture, wall art and décor, and audio-visual technology into a balanced environment brings harmony. Symmetry in art is soothing to look at – the neat uniform appearance helps some workers concentrate. Psychology Today states that a cluttered room or area can cause stress. By highlighting lines of symmetry through furniture arrangements, desk placement, window treatments, and more, the office area will exude orderliness.


Off balance

What if your company’s brand or persona is not orderly, balanced, or conservative? What if being a bit off-balance or modern really portrays your company’s image better? Symmetry may not work for your interior design plans. Instead you may need a non-traditional office setting, open collaborative workspaces, or jazzy colors to inspire “on the edge” ideas. Different companies have used logos that were asymmetrical to set forth a message and image that was a bit “out there”, a bit different, a company that wanted to be portrayed as different.


At Tangram Interiors, we blend the elements of interior design with your personal brand. With hundreds of satisfied clients, we are experienced at making your office a success. If you would like to discuss this topic, please contact us today!