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Interior Design Solutions for the On-Demand Generation

Your workplace is the heartbeat of your company. As your employees pass like fluid through its corridors, you want it to inspire creativity, collaboration, and innovation. A setting that not only fuels an unstoppable ethic, but also one that feels a bit like home.

As the life force of your business, you also want your employees to have the freedom to make the space their own, creating a culture that reflects the unique qualities of each individual while being united under a shared purpose. This means collaborative interiors, personalized design motifs, and optimized space that maximizes output and efficiency.

You also want to stay up to date with the hottest workplace trends and latest office technology. Today’s on-demand generation will be satisfied by nothing less. We’ve got you covered there, too.

Welcome to Tangram Interiors!

With over 52 years of expertise in the interior design business, we work as creative partners with your company to create an environment that aligns with your vision and your culture.

The work process is simple. It starts with getting to know you and your ideas for an amazing environment. Our designers and engineers then work side-by-side with you to create schematics and develop concepts, rendered in 3D for you to virtually tour before placing an order. Once you’ve made the final decision, delivering your product is our top priority, where our team of expert installers handles everything.

By integrating technology, furniture, floor coverings, and service solutions with your existing brand, you can feel comfortable knowing that you are working with a trusted interior design source with a people-first philosophy and best-in-class service.

If you’re ready for a workplace upgrade, contact us to get started today!