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Is It Time For a New Design? We Can Help.

As your business grows in a dynamic market, you may find that the look and brand that you established also needs to evolve with the times. For example, when you started your real estate agency you may have lived in a small town and everyone liked the “mom and pop” shop look and knew you by word of mouth. But what if the population has recently boomed because of new job opportunities and chain stores are becoming more prolific in the area? It’s now time to redesign your agency’s look to a more sleek and updated brand to become more transparent to new residents to increase your potential client base.

A New Design Keeps Brands Alive When Times Change

Sometimes your office needs a face lift. The furniture has become drab over years of wear and tear and the desks look outdated and bulky. When your goal is to maintain a positive and upbeat company culture, it is tough when your environment is stuck in the past. Keep your company fresh with a redesign with new furniture, carpet, eco-friendly lighting, and much more. Businesses also can benefit from a new design and rebranding. One quick example is the storeHot Topic. In the 90’s it catered to the hot teen “goth” trend. As this generation grew up and lost interest in the mall, Hot Topic was presented with a challenge. In order to stay in business, the retail chain adapted its look and inventory to the changing trends and now carries novelty items from pop culture. They completely redesigned their sign, transitioning from the old, edgy, uneven red font that encapsulated 90’s teenage rebellion to using a sleek, industrial black and white typeface that is far more mainstream. Because of this change, Hot Topic appeals to an even broader customer persona and is still in business today.

Evolving Populations or New Locations

As populations change and grow or if you relocate, the need for the right design is absolutely necessary. Your company may have started out small with a few donated desks from friends and family, but now it has taken off and you are in a hiring frenzy. You can’t bring in new employees into an office that looks assembled haphazardly. It is now time to redefine your look and brand and professionally design your employee’s workspace to optimize productivity. Having the right design is also crucial for retail spaces and universities as well because it is important to stay appealing to your community and present yourself as a desirable place to be.

Have times changed since you started your business? Has the demographic population near your business changed in the past few years and you desire to reach an untapped customer base? If you are nodding ‘yes’, then it is time to rethink your design and your marketing appeal. The first step is to hire the expertise of a professional interior designer who can escort you through the entire process of rethinking your brand and having it appeal to your workforce and customer personas. We would be happy to speak with you today about all your options about redesigning your brand so you can have the best business possible.