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Is Your Healthcare Environment Contributing To Positivity And Healing?

Can the design of a healthcare environment make a tangible contribution to creating a healing environment? Yes, absolutely. The design of your healthcare environment has the ability to impact people when they feel they are at their worst.

It is critically important to think about how your healthcare facility can reduce the levels of stress on people. You want the experience of being in your healthcare facility to be as pleasant as it can be, not only for the person who needs to receive medial attention, but for the family members and friends who are with them for support.

Providing a healing environment consists of more than the physical design of the healthcare facility. Even before patients want through the doors of your hospital, they should be able to utilize technology so they can be aware of what kind of healthcare experience they can expect. 

When talking about healthcare designs that can spark healthy behavior, here are a few examples:

  • Equipping rooms with ergonomic lift systems
  • Integrating brightly lit rooms
  • Adding stairways that are attractive and well-lit to encourage patients, employees, and guests to be active and less sedentary 
  • Place equipment in rooms that will allow nurses and caregivers to help patients without putting their own health at risk
  • Place the bathrooms near the beds

When discussing changing the design of your healthcare environment, it should not be more talking about the costs and expenses. The discussion should be about how the design change process can give your healthcare facility a new vision. 

The attributes and design of your healthcare environment can lower the stress levels of everyone who walks through the doors of your hospital. If you want to strengthen your healthcare facility and create a healing environment for the people who need you the most,contact us today.