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It Took a While, but Office Furniture is Finally Changing

Despite the technology revolution that has transformed the way we work, office furniture has maintained the same standard as it did decades ago. Blake Zalcberg, CEO of an office furniture company sums it up for the Huffington Post:

“It’s been three decades since the personal computer was introduced into most American workplaces, yet the average worker remains chained to a desk, tied down by three-pronged power cords, phone cords, USB cables, and phone chargers.”

Yesterday’s office furniture

The design of the conventional office space and furniture results from the technological limitations of yesteryear. Desks had to be set up close enough to a phone jack in order to use a landline, and close enough to outlets for those bulky computers that always needed power.

We are no longer glued to the wall, so to speak. Today’s office set up is a result of sheer habit.

Today’s office furniture

The major office trend is make furniture more compatible with technology. We’re starting to see electrical panels in sofa armrests USB ports in the center of conference tables.

Tomorrow’s office furniture

With so much portable technology, going into the office is not a necessity in the same way it used to be. It’s still integral, though, because nothing beats face time (the real thing, not the iPhone thing). Unlike a decade ago, that is often the only reason to use an office, but it’s a compelling one. With that in mind, the office of the future is about optimizing space for comfort, and communication rather than easy access to your landline.

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