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Meaningful Engagment with Your Employees

Getting your employees to feel as passionately as you do about the work that they’re doing can be a challenge. Understanding motivation, applying encouragement, tailoring benefits, and scheduling follow-up are all contributing factors, but it can still be really difficult to suss out what keeps your employees engaged. Here are a few tips to make sure you’re getting through:

Communicate: Tell your employees how they’re doing, and listen attentively to their concerns. Many a sticky situation has been de-escalated simply through conversation, and, talking about employee issues shows that you care about them. If you care about them, they’re more likely to care about you and the work that you’re doing together.

Remunerate: Schedule time to talk to your employees about how they’re being compensated to see if the plan they have is the best one you can offer to them. Everyone wants more money for the work they do, of course, but maybe you have some leeway on benefits packages, instead. Offer family medical in trade against family dental, for example, because that employee’s family already has excellent teeth. Or trade the company car for a company smart-phone, to motivate a move away from extensive travel.

Make the work relevant: if you’re designing a new building for low-income housing, make that clear to your employees. Introduce them to some of the people who are going to benefit from the work that you’re doing: not the other businesses, the people at the end of the chain.

These are just a few of the tips that can help get your employees more engaged in the work that they’re doing. Contact us today to get more, or see what else we can do for you and your business.