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Meet Kristina Owens!

Where did you go to college?

Cal State Fullerton… I’m a Titan!

Where’s your hometown?

Los Angeles, CA. Like actual LA. Not like “pretend LA” when people say they’re from LA but they’re actually completely outside of LA.

Fun fact?

I used to want to be a singer. And I auditioned for this show called “Pop Stars”. It was the American Idol before American Idol. And thank goodness YouTube didn’t exist at the time because this was embarrassing! I stood around for 13 hours and waited to sing. I made it to the second round thank you very much… then I got cut and cried my eyes out.

Oh, and I have another fun fact. My best friend and I have the same name, first AND last. We also look alike and were born in the same year. People have asked if we were twins and our parents were just lazy and named us the same name. Kristina with a K and Christina with a C. We even have nicknames for each other. She’s Tina and I’m Nina…I’m not kidding.

What type of kid were you? The trouble maker? Goody-2 shoes?

I was a bunch of different kids crammed into one. I was the school nerd. But popular because I talked to everyone. But also a huge smart mouth. I would get into serious arguments with my dad when I was literally like 3 years old. I remember arguing with him that panda bears were all white and polar bears were the ones that had black on them. And I would stick it to my grave.

What’s your go-to midnight snack?

I have to say I don’t really midnight snack anymore but if I have to its going to be really bad. Like maybe Taco Bell. It’s not going to be a small bag of chips either, its going to be super, super greasy.

Go-to karaoke song.

Ooo, definitely Poison by Bell Biv DeVoe. It’s a rap song from the 90s. I loved that song!

If you could have dinner with any celebrity, who would it be?

Mariah Carey. Just because when I was younger she was my idol and now she’s gotten kind of crazy and I just want to be like “girl… what are you doing. Like what were you thinking?” I want to help her out.

What’s your go–to Emoji when you text people?

The face where he’s gritting his teeth. You know what I’m talking about? Wait, I should look right now on my recent’s. Oh, duh, the crying laughing face. That’s a classic!