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Millennial Workplace Trends

According to Forbes, millennials are very clear in their workplace preferences. Since work procedures are changing, it’s no wonder that offices and workplaces will also take on new forms, designs, and even decor. After many studies and much research, we know some of the things that make this generation happy when they are at work. They include:


Millennials like the phrase “work casual.” By that, they mean a space where impromptu meetings can occur and where there is a sense of openness and “real” light (lots of windows).


They want their furniture “deliberate.” They want a design that has a purpose, the best example of which is the standing desk.


These guys want designers and architects to understand that technology is not going away, and interior design needs to make necessary changes when something new comes racing into their culture.


The individuals in this age group are spending more time at their workplaces, have flexible work hours, have generous parental leave considerations, and want their workplace comfortable and appealing.


And this is what Tangram does. Not just for millennials, but for all types workplaces and all kinds of people. The goal at Tangram is to make each workspace inspirational, inviting, and innovative. Before they begin any project, the team meets with the business’ or schools’ administrators and collaborates to create a venue that fits the activities, people, and ideas that will take place in the area.


Tangram is in the business of integrating service solutions, flooring, furniture, technology, lighting, and ambiance to meet the needs of its client. And the company is well aware of workplace trends. Give us a call to find out more.