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Modern and Vintage Interiors for your Los Angeles Business

Many Los Angeles businesses focus on functionality rather than aesthetics when it comes to their interiors.  If each worker has a cubicle to work out of, that’s considered more than enough for their purposes.  However, just having a space to work in isn’t enough; the space has to be conducive to productivity.  We spend most of our days working.  The majority of our time is spent in the office.  So it’s nice to have an office with pleasing interiors.  However, what’s pleasing to one person may not necessarily be pleasing to another. Here are two different types of office interiors that might appeal to you:



Nowadays, it’s quite trendy to have modern interiors with sculptural effects.  The idea is to have a lot of space and light in the office area.  This is not only appealing to the eye, it’s also a boost to creativity.  You think better when you’re surrounded by open spaces, not just within the office but also outside.  If you can look out at the vista surrounding you, you’re likely to get more ideas.


In a modern-looking interior, you’re likely to have more solid colors—some neutrals and some bright colors.  Most people think that modern interiors are not that comfortable because they usually consist of oddly-shaped chairs in plastic or stools with no backs to lean against.  However, modern interiors can also be plush, as long as they contain clean lines and striking colors.



Have you ever seen an artist’s studio?  It’s generally a room with easels, canvases and splashes of paint everywhere.  When an artist paints, it’s taken for granted that there’s going to be a mess in the studio.  Interiors inspired by this concept don’t have to contain splashes of paint all over.  However, they can consist of painted wood, lots of sunlight and artwork decorating the walls.

You can also go with a distressed look in which the paint is applied in a way that allows the grain of the wood to be seen, giving it an antique look.  Add a few carved picture frames and some reclaimed wood furniture and you’ll create a unique ambience.

This is a great look for businesses in the design field.  If you are engaged in something creative, why not take that creativity and put it to work for your interiors as well?  Just remember that you’ll still need to make sure that you’re giving workers the space and privacy needed to conduct their work.


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