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Outfitting Schools for 21st Century Education Trends

Education trends change almost as quickly as technology these days with a new sets of buzzwords and acronyms to learn each year.  Just as Common Core State Standards are taking hold and being incorporated into the curriculum, states are abandoning them. STEM is becoming STEAM to recognize the importance of art and design in bringing technological advances to fruition. The latest trend en vogue with educators is blended learning which has always been around and accepted as part of the Montessori method.

What all these trends and new directions in learning have in common is a need to rethink the design of schools and classrooms. Schools are going digital and that requires power. Rows of desks lined up are a thing of the past. Instead, classrooms are being outfitted with pods that resemble what’s seen in Apple Stores. Cutouts in the center allow easy access to charging cables.

Grouping sitting areas also supports collaboration. Common Core places an emphasis on speaking and listening, debate and informally exchanging ideas. Other trends liked flipped classrooms and project based learning have a need for flexibility as well. Students spend less time staring at a teacher in front of a whiteboard and more time interacting with each other.

Newly constructed schools may have dedicated maker spaces where students can tinker and build. Existing schools are grappling with how to retrofit their classrooms and common space to accommodate the needs of teachers and students. One way administrators are having success meeting the demands of new trends in education is with their choice of furniture.

If you have a need for increased flexibility in your school and are looking for solutions that match diverse teaching methods, then contact us for suggestions. We have a complete portfolio including videos of our innovative classroom solutions at work. One of our favorites and best sellers, the Node Chair, may be just the ticket to bring your student learning into the 21st century.