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3 Simple Ways to Maximize the Workplace Environment

The workplace should represent not only the place where we do our job, but where we are continually learning new things, growing as an individual, and developing business and social contacts. Many companies host workshops, seminars, attend conventions, and offer ongoing educational classes for employees in order to foster development. Research reveals our environment does have an impact on our learning and attitudes, all of which either positively or negatively influence the workplace culture.  Here are 3 interior design ideas to make the office environment more conducive to learning and growth.


  • Comfort: Employees will work best in a space designed with their long-term comfort in mind. If people are not physically comfortable, they cannot produce at optimum levels. Sometimes desks and/or chairs will need custom construction in order to fit properly. A shorter individual will be very uncomfortable at a desk/chair setting that is even a few inches too high. On the other hand, modifications are in order for the extra tall person, too. Custom-made furniture provides comfort, is adjusted for a proper fit, and is often more durable and attractive than store models.
  • Audio Visual Technology: Implementing both audio and visual presentation materials into the workplace will maximize learning. Studies show that most people are visual learners, yet other research reveals when more than one of the senses is engaged, learning enhancement occurs. By integrating both audio and video technologies in a tasteful, non-obtrusive way, the workplace environment is operating to target all learning styles.
  • Individuality: Another aspect of the office environment is allowing employees to personalize their space.Business Lexington had this to say on the subject: “Companies that allow employees to personalize as they like have higher levels of employee morale, better social climates and reduced turnover — benefits that impact the bottom line.” When your employees decorate their space they receive perks for it.


At Tangram Interiors we have experience on these topics and many others. We have been helping business transform their work area to a place of  comfort and functionality. At the same time, audio-visual integration is a a specialty of ours. Blending colors, furniture, or audio-visual, whatever direction you wish take, Tangram is standing by ready to assist you. So contact us contact us today!