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Spice Up Trainings with Office Technology

You’re sitting in the hard plastic chair as the corporate trainer drones on and on about…you don’t know, you stopped paying attention about twenty minutes ago when your leg fell asleep. We’ve all been in them, the office training classes. The lone person standing in the front of the room is showing a PowerPoint. On the table in front of you sits the printed version of the aforementioned PowerPoint that is being read word-for-word. It doesn’t have to be that painful. Instead of allowing your audience to fall victim to “death by PowerPoint”, spice it up with some office technology.

Take a note from current educational trends and get people up and moving. Try setting up a webquest for your audience. The concept is fairly simple. First decide what you want your audience to accomplish with your training and gather digital versions of your materials. Then set up stations that your audience can visit and gather the required information. One of the easier ways to set up the stations is to use QR codes. Your participants simply scan the code that leads to a video, slideshow, or article about your training topic. This avenue only requires people to have an internet connection and QR reader downloaded on their mobile devices.

However, if you want to take it a step further, you can use an app like Aurasma. Aurasma is an augmented reality app that allows you to embed videos and information within a base picture. You still need to have digital versions of all the required materials, but once they download the app to a mobile device, the user must subscribe to your “channel.” To acquire the information, the participants just scan the base picture. Your hidden information will pop up on their device.

Once your audience has completed their webquest, bring them back together and use the gathered information in a game. Try using Kahoot!. Kahoot! allows you to create your own set of multiple choice questions and have your audience compete against each other in a trivia-style atmosphere. To use Kahoot! you will need a projector and your audience will need internet access. As your audience plays the game, they are ranked by the quickness with which they answered the question as well as accuracy.

In the end, have a prize for your webquest winner and review the correct answers to each of the Kahoot! questions. Engage your audience and they are more likely to remember the information. For more interesting ways to use technology in the office, contact us.