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Stand Up Desks Continue to Gain Popularity as a Healthy Way to Work

It should almost go without saying that when your employees feel like you are invested in their well-being, they will be more invested in the success of the company. There are many things you can do to show your employees that their quality of life matters to you. One of the ways to display this is to invest in your employees’ overall health. Healthy employees are more productive at work and more satisfied with their jobs.

One of the biggest threats to your employees’ health, believe it or not, is sitting long hours at a desk. Many doctors and researchers have vocally stated that employees should try to spend more of their workday standing up. According to the Pilot Online article, “Why Office Workers Across the Country are Switching to Standing Desks” by Phillip Walzer, it is recommended that everyone stand at least two hours a day, but the more standing time the better.  Marty Einhorn a manager at a law firm confirmed that standing during the day, even at the age of 57, makes him feel good.

“When you’re sitting, he said, “it puts three times the amount of pressure on the lumbar disc as opposed to standing.” Also, “your feet come out at a 90-degree angle,” and that can reduce the flexibility of your hamstrings.”

Workers who stand during the day usually require a stand up desk. Since some people will want to alternate between standing and sitting, desks that can be raised or lowered are popular. Otherwise, consider adding a very high office chair that can be used for breaks in standing. Purchasing stand up desks once your office is furnished can be pretty expensive. However, if you design your office with the idea of standing desks in mind from the beginning it is much more practical and affordable.

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