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Technology and the Office: 3 Benefits

Workplace technology is constantly shifting. Some people continue to be skeptical about heavily integrating technology with the work environment. Overall however, studies show major benefits from using technology at work, so it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Here are some of the ways technology benefits employees.

Technology and happiness link 

In 2014, Dell and Intel surveyed employees from a range of organizations in 12 countries and found that the overwhelming majority believed that using the latest technology increased their productivity. On the flip side, employees using outdated technology felt that they could not reach their potentials in efficiency. Both sides of the spectrum emphasized that workplace technology had a direct effect on their overall happiness.

Better collaborations 

It’s becoming increasingly common to see TVs take up an entire office wall. These are ideal for a collaborative space such as a conference room. Use the screen to share information with the entire team, or hold a meeting with a group across the globe. The high quality screen allows for more engaged collaborations.

Learning about ourselves through wearables 

Bank of American recently had all its employees wear sensors in their badges to track social interaction, movement, and productivity. The results showed that employees were more productive when they spent more time socializing during the day. As wearables become more common, we can learn a lot about the conditions needed to be most productive.

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