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Technology Trends – How 3D Floor Plans Can Boost Real Estate Sales

  • Why a 3D Floor Plan? 

    Most prospective buyers are groping around in the dark when trying to visualize what their new home might look like from a two-dimensional floor plan. However, a 3D “photo real” image shines a light on the process – they can understand the flow of interior space and see what the rooms will look like with furniture in them. It’s a much more emotional connection and is why the use of technology trends, such as 3D imaging, will increase your real estate sales.

    Buyers Can Interact

    Clients who find the design studio experience overwhelming can relax and narrow their choices online using 3-D imagery. They do not feel pressured and are not restricted by design center hours – they can experiment at midnight if they want. For the exterior, they can see what the home will look like with stone or brick, choose the color of the siding and select trim details. For the interior, they can choose from floor plan options and finishes, and see what the kitchen will look like with different countertops and cabinets in various colors.

    Townhouses and Condos

    Holograms can be created for the sales office for hard to visualize townhouses and condos. Your client can walk around a turntable to see different images of the exterior, various units with different finishes, the garage with cars in it, etc. This virtual reality display is more visually effective than the traditional scale model. Together with 3-D renderings on the website, this is particularly useful with respect to townhouses with an unusual architectural style, and with a mix of pathways and detached and attached rear garages. These features are much harder to visualize from a two-dimensional printed brochure.

    Benefits to the Realtor

    3-D imagery engages consumers when they encounter it on your website. These prospects are stronger leads because they already have a good idea of what they’re looking for. To make your homes easier to sell with the use of 3-D imagery, please contact us.