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The Importance of Technology in Arts Education

As humans, we are constantly evolving. Technology is part of our evolution. It is the vehicle through which we currently evolve ourselves. Regarding the education of our children, technology integration is an evolutionary circumstance we must understand if we are to continue growing as the human race. The use of technology is more than an education trend, it is a complete shift in the way we teach.

Once upon a time we listened to the radio as entertainment. Then we moved to the television. Both are a linear experience, with no interaction involved. Everything changed with the introduction of technology. Now we are capable of interactivity. The interactive nature of technology allows for complete immersion into creative environments. Children are not just looking at a screen. They are entering a portal, a doorway into another world. A world where imagination is infinite.

Technology allows for experimentation. Kids can hit the reset button, start over, try again. This ability promotes incredible imagination. Digital media is a 3-D experience. Because it is so very interactive, it leads to a comprehension of structure. Music and art are founded in structure. The possibilities are endless for children to comprehend the arts using technology.

Technology allows for empowerment. It responds to the user’s decisions. In a video game, for example, when you make a decision, the virtual world responds. Technology adds a whole new dimension to the lives of children. They are growing up in a very different world than the one in which we were raised.

We can tap into the energy and enthusiasm that kids have for technology. We can bring their technological world into the arts classroom. The benefit of technology integration into arts education is tremendous. It is our responsibility to meet this generation of children in an educational environment that they can relate to. Traditional means of teaching the arts will fall flat with this generation of tech-savvy students. It is crucial that we integrate technology into arts education.

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