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3 Tips for Audio Visual Planning

With the explosion of digital devices and social media, businesses are implementing audio-visual media into the office setting – and with good reason. However, before you begin purchasing several audio-visual pieces of equipment, it is necessary to do some audio-visual planning. Here are 3 tips to get the most out of your audio-visual set-up.

Define your objective

For what purpose will you use the audio-visual equipment? Answering this question guides some of the logistic positioning questions; for example, what room(s) will the AV equipment be used in? How often will the equipment be needed? What particular items will be necessary? A company that plans to conduct weekly meetings using audio tele-conferencing systems has different needs from one that will conduct meetings delivering a powerpoint presentation.


Balance aesthetics with functionality

The main area that can be problematic with audio-visual equipment is integration. Different companies produce all the various pieces of equipment, so they do not simply connect together easily. However, no company wants mismatched or misplaced equipment because integration features are lacking. Functionality is necessary, and with careful planning, you need not lose any of the aesthetic appeals.


Discuss your project with a professional

When dealing with audio design and equipment, it is best to consult with an expert in AV integration. Room size, number of attendees, and room acoustics all impact sound quality. A professional will know exactly where to place the equipment for best results and he/she will be able to identify any problem areas.

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