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We Have Solutions for Improving Workplace Health

Californians are often chided over our concerns about environmental safety and workplace health, but a growing number of people throughout the world are following our lead.


Green interior design is important to a growing number of companies, not only for their own ethical choices, but it makes good business sense: a healthy workforce is a happier, more productive workforce. Tangram Interiors can help you deliver workplace interiors that combine aesthetic beauty with complete knowledge of air quality, the use of eco-friendly furnishings, and the health quality of all products used in workplace decor: paint, flooring, sealants, and furnishings.

According to the EPA, there are a number of products that can contribute to poor indoor air quality and can affect the health of your customers.

  • Upholstery – many home and office furnishings are covered in polyurethane foam wrapped in Dacron. They are often treated with flame retardants, which contribute to unsafe air. Instead, use natural materials treated with organic flame retardants.
  • Particleboard furnishings – the wood chips that make particleboard are held together with adhesives containing formaldehyde, which negatively affects the respiratory tract. A better solution is to purchase furniture made from wood.
  • Synthetic rugs – these are often made of highly flammable materials such as nylon, polyester or acetate, and they are treated with flame retardants that are toxic. Better choices are rugs made from natural fibers or wood or tile flooring.
  • Paint – many paints are available that use low volatile organic compounds, with natural, safe ingredients.

We can help guide you in making these important choices for the health and safety of your customers and their employees. As you design interiors to help your clients create the work environment that enriches creativity and innovation, we can help you make sure that the environment is safe and healthy as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

Our mission is to work with you to create and manage work environments that enhance the client’s brand and culture, with key experience in integrating technology, furnishings, floor coverings and service solutions. Please contact us for more information.