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What You Can Do About an Unhappy Workplace Culture

A big reason that employees go to work each day is because they love their workplace culture. Loving where you work motivates you even on the toughest days. The best jobs let you work at home in your pajamas, and nobody cares if you’ve brushed your teeth before you check your work email. If you belong to an unhealthy workplace culture but want to change it, you need to help effect a cultural shift in the organization. You also need people to give their support.

Unhappy Workplace Culture? Now What?

In this uncertain economy in which companies fight for the same talent, correcting an unhealthy company culture is paramount. If you’re managing people and not addressing this common problem, there’s a good chance this is why you aren’t meeting recruitment goals. It takes initiative to plan and build a better workplace culture that appeals to new talent, or they will hire on wherever they can find a healthy, vibrant culture.

Where Do You Start?

The challenge of improving the company culture keeps many executives and managers up at night. It might be safe to assume that this dilemma looks different to veteran leaders than it does to people who’ve just assumed a new leadership role. The truth is that these perspectives aren’t really that far apart. One leader may possess a vision that can inspire senior management to manage change across the organization. However, one leader can only do so much. It takes the support of people at all levels of the organization to effect change, especially to overhaul a company culture and make it a place everyone wants to work.

Before you give up on fixing an unhealthy company culture, ask yourself what is right about the company. What did you love about working there in the early years? Those are aspects you can help employees focus on now even as you work to reduce or eliminate problems that make the culture seem unhealthy.

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