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What Your Carpets Are Saying To Your Customers

The next time you’re watching a favorite movie, pause for a moment and look at the scene. Everything that the camera sees has been designed and chosen for a reason, right down to the color of the carpet. You may never have realized how much the color and texture of a floor can influence your opinion of a space, but imagine a dingy warehouse with wall-to-wall plush red carpet. The laughable incongruity becomes obvious. Most cases are not so extreme, but you could be sending the wrong message with your office carpet without realizing it.


The Practical Default

Let’s face it, most office carpets are practical. They are usually a tight weave of neutral colors in stain-resistant synthetic fibers laid over a compact foam pad. Chances are that your carpet is faintly blue or gray, or maybe a rust red. It probably runs continuously throughout the office, occasionally interrupted by sections of cream or beige tiles. This universal style says two things to your clients and customers. One, that you haven’t remodeled since acquiring the building and Two, that you don’t really care about interior or presentation. While this isn’t a bad message to send, default practical carpets do not convey a company’s sense of prestige or prosperity.


To Convey Prestige

Many businesses rely on providing a sense of luxury to their customers. When you create a luxurious environment, it conveys how much you value the comfort and quality of your clients. You want your clients to feel as if, by patronizing your business, they have gained membership to a prestigious club. Decorating your office to create this feeling doesn’t have to break the bank, you just have to think like a set designer. What colors does your business associate with prestige? A deep red or royal blue carpet with a thick pad can create a lush effect without the woes of high-pile carpets.


To Convey Personality

From defiant concrete to playful foam puzzle pieces, there are a million alternate kinds of floor for your office. Your company already has a style and your clients know you for it. Try choosing carpet colors and materials that match your style and appeal to your unique collection of clients. If you’re a notoriously eco-friendly company, for instance, look for all-natural threads or even bamboo mats. If you are graphic designers, try choosing a pattern that displays your artistic personality.


What do your carpets say about you? Complete your commercial space by sending the right message with your floors. Are you a practical no-nonsense company, a luxurious corporation with prestige customers, or a unique new enterprise with a strong personality? Contact us today to reinvent your space with great new carpets.