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What Your Office Furniture Says About Your Company

The type of office furniture you choose for your company says a lot about your company’s culture and values. Potential clients will be able to assess your business just by walking in the door, and you want to make sure what they’re seeing accurately reflects your company’s culture. Are you traditional or new age? Do employees spend a lot of time working at their desks or are they out and about for most of the workday? Here are some things to keep in mind about office furniture if you’re thinking about an update:


Desks and desk chairs that are traditionally colored (think dark brown desk with black swivel chair) coupled with dark walls signal that your office is a place where serious work gets done and can seem unfriendly. Bright colors on the other hand indicate that this is a place where collaboration and creativity are king, and employees are encouraged to work together instead of alone at their desks all day.


Desks are a sign that employees are static most of the day and work alone, which can be further indicated by the amount of storage available to them in their cubicles or in their offices (depending on the set-up of your actual space). Work stations instead of traditional desks indicate that employees are mobile and use their laptops when necessary by plugging in to any work station instead of staying at one desk.


Sliding and/or glass doors give the image of transparency and tell clients and customers that you have nothing to hide. Heavy wooden doors that lock indicate the opposite and make clients wonder what’s going on behind closed doors that they can’t see.


So maybe you like the look of traditional desks even though your employees do collaborate together and aren’t necessarily chained to their computers from 8-5. The lay out of your office furniture will be the best indicator for how your office operates. This is where an expert eye can come in handy to give you the furniture style you want and still portray your company’s core values and culture. For information on how Tangram Interiors can improve your company’s furniture layout, contact us today!