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When Online Presence Gets Real: Commercial Interior Design

It seems that most articles about growing businesses focus on upgrading your online and mobile presence. If you’re deeply invested in your company’s online marketing, do you still have to focus on high-impact design in your office or store?

In a word: yes. According to a Store Traffic study, 80% of sales in the US took place in stores; e-commerce represented only 6% of $4.5 trillion in US sales. Growing numbers of customers appear to be going online for comparison and information, but they continue to do their actual purchasing in the store. Since that final decision is made in-person,  retailers can’t deny the importance of commercial interior design to enhance the client’s brand and culture through the expert integration of technology, furniture, floor coverings and service solutions.

We help architecture and design firms put together retail and office environments using furnishings, technology and flooring to draw customers in, delight them with a visually appealing environment, to make a statement about the company’s culture, and to keep them coming back.

An online presence is an important way to introduce yourself to your customer and to allow those customers a means of comparing your products with others. But when potential customers physically enter the store or office, we offer solutions to designers and architects to make that personal connection vivid, exciting and meaningful. It is where the contract is signed and the sale is made, and the customer sees, feels and experiences the client’s values and branding.

Tangram interiors works in partnership with architecture and design firms to create and manage interior environments that enhance the clients’ brands and cultures. For further information, contact us.