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Workplace Technology: Welcome to the WorkCafe

Your Employees May Never Want to Leave!

The architectural stand-by–the humble, often homely office cafeteria–most definitely needs a “reno.” Usually a cramped, crowded holdover from bygone school days, the typical cafeteria does not thrill the modern aesthetic sensibility, with its obligatory lackluster beige sheet-rock walls and Formica floors.

Remember the scene employees want to forget? It’s lunch time, and in a time crunch, they rush down the hall, stand in line, sit elbow-to-elbow at barren tables, and scarf down soggy sandwiches, fried “what-evers,” and the latest incarnations of “mystery meat.” Or, they spend most of their time off in transit to eating spots off-site. When lunch hassles get on employees’ last nerve, few meaningful social or professional interactions likely ensue.

Indeed, few would characterize the traditional office cafeteria as “welcoming.”


Come on down to the “WorkCafe,” which makes “welcoming” its over-arching architectural objective. Tangram Interiors can help your firm or building convert an afterthought, the typical cafeteria, to a veritable destination-of-choice–perhaps, your employees’ favorite place to be, rather than the last.  Here’s what’s on the menu at the WorkCafe:

Cognitive Stimulation

Instead of dulling the senses, as most traditional cafeterias do, Tangram’s WorkCafe offers gradations of sensory experiences to suit your employees’ immediate and individual needs. The best part: they get to choose. As stated on the Tangram Interiors website:

A WorkCafé is a multi-sensory environment where workers can choose the level of stimulation that they want—from bright, high energy areas to more contemplative spaces—based on their mood and task. The ability to choose and control workspace is essential to cognitive wellbeing.

On-Site Workspaces

To get away, employees often head for a nearby coffee shop or other alternative workspace. The disadvantages of this practice include separation from the following: work and co-workers, which makes collaboration more difficult; organizational resources, which diminishes efficiency and productivity; and, corporate culture, which disrupts continuity of the work day.


Cafeterias are deserted for most of the workday. Not so with the WorkCafe, which allows employees to “get away” any time of the day, to relax or to buckle down on a project, to work alone or with a room full of co-workers.


Here are the key amenities that make a Tangram WorkCafe a most welcoming place to be:

Advanced Design. WorkCafes are the perfect place to mix and mingle elements of design that please the senses and stimulate the intellect, including lighting, art, artifacts, sound, scents, staging, and more. That’s some kind of fantastic ambiance!

Technology Integration. At a WorkCafe, employees may have at their fingertips the latest and greatest technological innovations, all in one place. Their, they can create dynamic content and presentations they can share with anyone in the world. Standard at a well-appointed WorkCafe are the following features: Wi-fi, presentation support, and content sharing tools, among many others. According to the Tangram WorkCafe Idea Book:

Technology must be seamlessly integrated in order to support effective use of the dynamic spaces in a WorkCafé, which in turn facilitates high performance for every user.

Hosting Capabilities. When an employer assumes the role of “host,” catering to employees’ personal and professional needs, nothing makes employees feel more valued. That translates into motivated workers, who strive to do good work for a good company. A WorkCafe can treat employees to a wide array of service:

  • Printing and work tools that can be checked out by employees (flip charts, markers, Post-it ®, whiteboards, and more)
  • On-call concierge/tech guru
  • Locker service
  • Secure data capture support
  • Concierge services, including calling a cab or helping with luggage
  • Food and beverage offered at dedicated places throughout day

Social Hub Zones

Once nourished and equipped with the latest, greatest tools, employees may make the most of a WorkCafe that offers the following “zones,” where employees can be “in the zone” to their hearts’ content:

A “Meeting Commons,” which invites employees to congregate in group-friendly spaces, featuring furniture and spatial configurations that accommodate the needs of the group.

A “Nomadic Camp,” which caters to mobile workers who gain and share expertise with each other and remote workers elsewhere.

A “Resource Center,” which offers personalized assistance and resource materials tailored to the company and the locale.

A kitchen and dining complex, which offers a variety of nourishment options and opportunities.

Behold the Transformation

You know the “before.” Now, picture the “after,” on the Tangram Interiors WorkCafe Thought Starters webpage. How can you reimagine your own office’s cafeteria into an eminently welcoming WorkCafe?

Founded in 1963, Tangram leads the field in interior solutions, with offices in Santa Fe Springs, Orange County, Downtown Los Angeles, Fresno, and Bakersfield. Please contact us for more information on one of the most exciting innovations in modern office architecture, the WorkCafe.

We’ll put our full array of Workplace Technology at your disposal, so you can create a space, the WorkCafe, where your employees will want to go, to work and play, and re-energize.” See you there!