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Workplace Trends Focus on Creativity

As more baby boomers retire every year, the workplace trends that guide how business is done are shifting dramatically. Companies are prioritizing creativity and collaboration over structure and independence. More and more offices are doing away with their cubicles and looking for ways to incorporate interior design that encourages creativity.

According to the Small Business Trends article, “5 Incredibly Simple Steps For a More Creative Workplace,” by Pratik Dholakiya,

“Simple things like color and lighting have a big impact on the creative output of your teams. Ravi Mehta and Juliet Zhu from the University of British Columbia have shown that the color blue helps in creative tasks and idea generation, while red aids tasks that require attention to detail.”

The same article cited another study that showed that lower lighting boosted creative thought and that bright lights helped people focus when the job at hand was highly analytical.

Incorporating adjustable lights into the interior design in offices might make a big difference in the outcome of brainstorming sessions. In addition to using color strategically, your interior design plans can include spaces that lend themselves to collaboration, with built-in meeting areas and open, shared spaces.

Don’t forget that corporate branding can add to the polished look of office flooring and reinforce the company culture in a professional setting.

For more information on how your design plans can incorporate current workplace trends, please contact us. We believe work spaces should be intentionally designed to serve the needs of the company and its employees.