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Your Office, Your Work Home, Your Brand

An office space is more than just desks, chairs, and computers. That office space is where you see your career dreams taking place and where you and your work family spend a minimum of forty hours every week. That office space is what your customers and collaborators see when they come to meet with you and your team to decide how best to do business together. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what does your office space say about your company?

When a new customer walks into your office, their first impression of how the space looks can determine whether they will do business with you or not. A space that is in disrepair will create the impression that you, as a business, do not care. An all-white space can create the same impression. However, by paying attention to both the layout and the overall design of the office space, you can send a message to your customers immediately about who your company is and what you are all about.

In addition, you would like your office space to not just show your brand, but also show that you care about your employees. Like you, they spend many hours of their week there. If the space is not comfortable, why would they stay motivated with their work? A chair that squeaks can cause such a distraction that employees nearby might be distracted by it several minutes every hour. Uncomfortable chairs could affect the well-being of the employee in question. Surroundings can affect how people stay on task or affect their moods overall. An unhappy employee will be significantly less productive than a happy one. Office interior design affects more than meets the eye.

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