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How Leading Organizations Innovate (EN) – Steelcase

Leading organizations are the ones that care about their purpose. They know exactly why they exist. They bring their purpose to life, through their strategy, their brand, and their culture. And they know how to make this visible in the places where they bring their people together to work.

They create places that are destinations designed to augment interaction, the human interactions that create value for an organization by propelling innovation, making them more competitive, and building a resilient enterprise based on trust and collaboration.

The leading organizations are the ones who understand that in an increasingly complex and competitive global environment, place matters, more than ever.

But it also needs to do more than ever. The places where an organization’s people come together need to be designed to help them be better — when they are working alone, or working together — when they are working side by side or across continents.

The best places help people engage deeply in what they do by giving them what they want most: access to each other, access to the right tools and technologies, and access to places around the world that offer them choice and control over where and how they work.

Leading organizations design for the wellbeing of their people, their teams, and their enterprise. And they create places that inspire their people to bring their purpose to life, for today and tomorrow.

This is who we are. It’s also what we do.

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