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If You Think It Is Time To Replace Your Commercial Carpet, You Are Probably Right

There is nothing quite comparable to seeing the delivery truck bringing your new carpet to your workplace. You see the carpet you chose being brought into the office, and it will be stretched across the floor with no problems at all. Your new carpeting is fresh with no markings or flaws, but you already know it will not remain that way for a long time.

It does not matter what you do to maintain your carpet; something is bound to happen to it, and eventually you will need to have it replaced. Hopefully, you will not have to replace your carpet until many years after the installation process is over. However, it is highly important that you are always prepared when it is time to replace your commercial carpet.

If your carpet is installed on a floor with plenty of feet traffic, you will quickly see the signs of that heavy traffic. Any type of rips, holes, etc. will not receive much help from a professional cleaning service. If you have used a professional cleaning service in the past for your stains and the cleaning is no longer effective, the lifespan of your carpet may be coming to an end.

To ensure you are not blindsided when having to replace your carpet, you should be aware of the signs that can be indicative of you needing a carpet replacement:

  • Everyone is noticing a smell coming from the carpet. If someone has spent hours cleaning the carpet in an attempt to get rid of the smell, but it is still present, it is probably time for you to replace the carpet.
  • If your employees and customers are constantly sneezing, your carpet could contain substances that are causing people’s allergies to react.
  • If you purchased your carpet over ten years ago, it may be time to seek a replacement because of the new carpet styles. Does your carpet reflect the current carpet styles? Do you think it looks outdated? If so, you should probably go with your gut feeling and begin looking for a commercial carpet replacement.

When you are looking for a new commercial carpet, you will want something that fits your style of business and something that is reliable and tough enough to handle the heavy flow of traffic coming in and out of your workplace.

For more information on how you can choose the carpet that will be appealing and attractive, contact us today.

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