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Healthcare Environments Decorated in Style

From Sahara Tertiary Care Hospital in India to the Cancer Center in Bakersfield California, Healthcare Environments are changing to meet the needs of the patients. Style, comfort, convenience, and technology are themes visible in a Health Facilities Management article. Click on the links below for a photo tour of hospitals’ most innovative trends to keep competitive and connected with their population.

Cooper University donned its waiting rooms with stylish interchangeable furniture. Whether visitors desired private family time or needed to spread out in a larger group gathering, sectional pieces are designed to suit a variety of needs.

Graceful curves and complimentary colors blend together to please both young and old at Benioff Children’s Hospital, while the activity center designed for children bursts with hues of orange and yellow.

The AIS Cancer Center created a lovely consultation room that is both elegant and inviting. The furnishings and arrangements were designed to encourage a warm, caring environment. Other cancer centers provided special lighting, music, and pictures of nature to soothe nervous patients.

An addiction treatment center in Hazeldon Plymouth brings together dark tones of cherry wood, limestone, and an open floor plan fosters a stable community feel. In addition, music, art, and gym rooms provide activity for the younger residents.

Alta View Hospital in Utah is testing the use of a tablet device for patients. These handheld gadgets will allow patients access to various things such as ordering food, internet access, temperature setting in the room, lights, and more.

A tasteful inspiring interior design combined with technology can take any average business to excellent. If you would like to discuss any of these topics, please contact us today!

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