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What the Right Office Furniture Can Do

For businesses that engage one-on-one with clients, finding the right office furniture can change how a client feels, which in turn will influence whether they continue to engage your services and whether they will encourage their friends and family to sign on with you. What will make your clients feel at home is to feel that you are making them your priority. Employees will, of course, need furniture that makes them feel valued, and comfort is key here. Adjustable, cushioned chairs are both inexpensive and comfortable. Your employees should be able to decide how high their chairs are, whether they can adjust the back rest, and be able to move the chairs with ease.

For customers, the best bet is furniture that is both visually appealing and comfortable. Leather or vinyl chairs are often well-padded and give a feeling of luxury. They’re expensive, but if well-built, they will be a great investment and will seldom need to be repaired or replaced. Mobility isn’t a big necessity since clients don’t often need to reach different places, type, or sit for hours on end. Their furniture should be placed so that they can make eye contact with employees and be able to hand over relevant papers.

Another factor to consider with furniture is the height. Chairs or tables that are too low contribute to bad posture, and may leave clients with the impression that they’re sinking, which will put them on the defensive and possibly make them search for excuses to leave. Their discomfort should not be on their minds.

To find a design that works for you or get an appraisal of your own office, contact us at Tangram Interiors.

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